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Fleet of Aircrafts Sigma Airlines

Sigma Airlines operates five aircraft: IL-76, Airbus A300 and Boeing 747-222B.

Below you can see the capabilities of our fleet. Reference information contains the names, main characteristics of the aircraft, maximum dimensions, weight and volume of cargo allowed for transportation.


The main characteristics of the IL-76T / IL-76TD:

Wingspan50.5 m
Aircraft length46.6
Maximum takeoff weight190/175 tons
Maximum payload50/40 tons
The maximum capacity of fuel tanks90 tons
Cruising speed750-780 km/h
Flight range with maximum load3700/3200 km
Length of the cargo compartment without ramp / with ramp20 / 24.5 m
Width of the cargo compartment3.45 m
Cargo compartment height3.4 m
Total / commercial volume321/180 sq.m
Crew composition (with 1 operator and 2 engineers)5 + 1 + 2 = 8 people

Airbus A300

The main characteristics of the Airbus A300:

Aircraft length53.62 m
Aircraft height16.53 m
Wing area250 sq. m
Wingspan44.84 m
Empty weight88,490 kg
Cruising speed850/870 km/h
Maximum speed910 km/h
Ceiling11,500 m
Flight range with maximum load5500 km
Crew2 people

Boeing 747

The main characteristics of the Boeing 747-222B (SF):

Cruising speed925 km/h
Maximum payload110 tons
Payload volume600 cubic meters
Flight range with maximum load11380 km
Main deck ULD configuration30 pallets (96" x 125")
The volume of the main deck588 cubic meters
Lower deck Fwd ULD Config.5 pallets (96″ x 125″)
The volume of the lower deck forward79 cubic meters
Lower deck aft ULD configuration4 pallets (96" x 125"
Aft volume of the lower deck69 cubic meters
Bulk volume22.5 cubic meters
Total available cargo space758.5 cubic meters

The Boeing 747-222B (SF) is ideal for transporting high-value cargo and products with limited shelf life.

Sigma Airlines guarantees each customer the exact adherence to the terms specified in the contract andcomplete safety of the transported goods.

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